Brainy Stars follows the system Jawadekar proposed

Brainy Stars Education Movement, which runs an international school and chain of montessories welcomes the views of Mr. Jawadekar, honourable minister for Human resource development. He has emphasised on value education. He said that the main objective of the education shall be to create humanity among young generation. In the process of educating students for examination, our education system has ignored inculcatingĀ  values among them. He has rightly commented that we are making our children Data bank. Are our students required to perform as Pen Drives? This is absorb.

School have to ponder over what Mr. Jawadekar has said. Value education has occupied important place in various countries. Our country which has glorious past in promoting various value systems now requires revival of those values. Those values are well enshrined in our constitution. Like respect for others, freedom of expression, empathy, caring and sharing, equality, respect for other’s religion, social and economic justice, abolition of cast and class system, protection of public property etc. These values and other soft skills such as decision making skills , communication skill, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, citizenship training shall be taught and internalised among students. Great responsibility falls on teachers. They need to internalise values in creative and interesting manner.

One of the effective ways are to integrate values with subjects. For example If a teacher is teaching a history lesson of King Shivaji Maharaja she can teach the value that how Hindu Muslim relations were their. His army chief was Muslim. Same way if a teacher is explaining British rule she mentions divide and rule policy of British rulers. While teaching this, value of unity in diversity shall be imbibed.

This is the way we integrate values in Brainy Stars International School.

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