Points to be considered while selecting a School

From the month of January most of the parents in South India start searching school for admissions of their beloved ones. We are discussing a few features which parents should see in a school before admission.

1. The most important point is the ideology of school. Is the school a business house where parents are considered as clients and the management act as vendor of education. Many schools run on this philosophy. This concept is antidote to the objectives of education. School in Indian philosophy considered as a holy place where knowledge is Imparted and life skills are nourished. So the school should be established with social service motive. Very few private schools fall under this category.

2. Don’t make your child slave. In our education system most of the children are slaves of teachers and examinations. They need to obey commands of teachers in school campus and after school hours they are tied up with homework. Their childhood is ruined by this system of homework, tests, and ranks. Every child has right to enjoy his/her childhood. A good school is one which recognises the rights of children, give them liberty with discipline, understands potential of each child, encourages child to be creative, sharpen children’s talents.

3. The third quality of the good school is that it follows a pedagogical approach which shall be child centred. A pedagogy of love and care. In this approach teacher act as a friend and guide. She loves and then educates. She understands the strengths and weakness of child. She teaches in the style which suits to child. She uses fun and multidisciplinary method.

4. A school which prepares students for life is better than those schools which educate students for employment. Schools nurture students for life, target heart and mind. This system of educating heart and mind is known as holistic approach of education. Holistic approach of education develops life skills among students. These skills are essential to face the future challenges.

Above features are very well found in Brainy Stars International School, Bangalore.

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