Why Indian School children are over burdened?

Why Indian School Children are Over Burdened | Brainy Stars School bangalore
Indian SCHOOL CHILDREN are being mistreated and their creativity and passion is being killed so that they can become machine-like , perfectly trained to become doctors and engineers. The definition of child rights as outlined by British Thinker and same the child founder Eglantyne Sebb considers right to play as an essential part of the curriculum .
BRAINY STARS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, S.Bingipura, Electronics City Phase 1 focuses more on creativity and passion of the child. The entire methodology of teaching has been adopted from Finland where emphasis is given more on reading and physical fitness of the child.Why Indian School Children are Over Burdened Brainy Stars School bangalore

Below listed are the 4 major reasons that differentiates BRAINY STARS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL from all other schools across India :

Excessive Homework :

Children at school are subjected to educational over skill with an ever increasing burden of homework. Children are turned prisoners in the four walls of house by “unlimited homework” but their reports are sidelined.

We at Brainy Stars International School emphasize on minimal homework giving them freedom to explore and broaden perspectives. We ensure that everyday 2 subjects homework is given(Maths on regular basis and additional one subject). The teachers ensure that homework is completed in school during zero hour which is specially designed for completion of homework.

Syllabus Confusion:

Syllabus in SCHOOLS continues to expand even at the expense of children’s sanity. Syllabus are knitted without basic fundamentals. Teachers complain that the syllabus is overloaded and they fail to explain stuff in detail or organic necessary activities. Instead of educating children and helping them understand a subject in detail, teachers are forced to finish expansive syllabus. This kind of ritualistic teaching also forces children to join after-school tuition which add to their overall study load.Why Indian School Children are Over Burdened | Brainy Stars School bangalore

We at Brainy stars design our own curriculum with all basic fundamentals to be taught to the children. Teachers here are given the liberty to design the curriculum as per their experience and the in-take capacity of the child. Here the duration of period is 1 hour for main subject and half an hour for extra curricular. The entire concept is developed on the methodology of Finland teaching to keep the children stress free.

Parental obsession for marks:

Rankings, scores and competition – No! We aren’t talking about sports but rather the obsession of parents with their ward’s academic success. The problem today is that marks obtained in exams have sort of become an unshakable index on which children are measured and their performance here determined how the society treats them in present and future. Better marks means better prospects in future and such demands of good results drives parents who instead push their children harder every day and many times drive them to sadness. Their constant push for better grades can work both in demotivating and demoralizing ways.Why Indian School Children are Over Burdened | Brainy Stars School bangalore

We are at Brainy stars International School focus on formative Assessment rather than Summative Assessment. We believe in understanding concepts rather than measuring child’s performance with marks.We have 6 Formative Assessment throughout the year and an annual exam to upgrade the child to the next level.

An alternative look at education:

Activities are as important as books are for the growth of a child. Every child learns and grows by observation and not by rate. They don’t just learn from watching their parents but also from their teachers. Psychologist believe that playing helps children improve creativity and innovation. Activities to keep children engaged in their leisure time are also important.

We at Brainy Stars International School, focus more on activity based learning rather than rate learning.Teachers are trained to give immersion teaching through learning by doing.


BRAINY STARS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, ELECTRONIC CITY focuses on immersive and interactive education through which we can have a more confident and innovative generation to take over. It is developed on Finland methodology of teaching based on holistic approach and child centered education. The school ensures to imbibe values in the child which is a lost factor in today’s fast track life. It too ensures happy schooling and stress free life for children.
Why Indian School Children are Over Burdened | Brainy Stars School bangalore  

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