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Best international cbse school in electronics city | BS international school

Introduction of Primary School Academics

Best international cbse school in electronics city | BS International School

BS International School (BSIS), follows the syllabus designed by National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT). NCERT is the body which frames the curriculum. It is mandatory on all the boards like CBSE, ICSE and respective State education boards to follow the curriculum frame work of NCERT.

This is to educate parents that syllabus is broader frame work, outline and topics. Where as, curriculum is a content set of information which are presented in book form.

BS International School, procures books from the publishers who are of International standard and reputation.

The draft of New Education Policy (NEP) has laid down great emphasis on holistic approach of education, which speaks about value education. It is matter of fact that we have been following this system since the year 2013, even before the NEP's emphasis on the poluicy value based education system.


Best international cbse school in electronics city | BS International School

After syllabus and curriculum it is the Pedagogy which plays important role in the education process. Pedagogy is nothing but style of educating students by educators. In India even today an old conventional style of Pedagogy is followed. Due to social, technological and behavioral changes and the revolution in digital media, the new paradigm of education has emerged.

BSIS follows integrated approach of educating students with Multidisciplinary method of Pedagogy. The objective of this method is to immerse students in knowledge with high degree of cognitive skill. This is the system followed by International baccalaureate (IB). Thus students of BSIS will be prepared to complete in national and international competitions.

The system is child-centered and potential based. Every child is considered here. His/her potentials are assessed and accordingly he/she is educated.