The Institution

A Holistic Education System to Nurture Leaders

BS International school is full-fledged, high-achieving, co-educational International School established in 2016, with an aim to offer world-class educational opportunities for girls and boys. Set on a lush green 4-acre campus in Electronic City, Bengaluru, the school offers Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabus from primary to high school, and Montessori curriculum for Preschool. 


  • • Preschool: Kindergarten, LKG; UKG
  • • Primary School Programme: Grades I to IV
  • • Middle School Programme: Grades V to VII
  • • High School Programme: Grades VIII to XII

BSIS is set in a world-class campus amid a highly safe and secure environment, providing students with top-notch facilities, high academic standards, dynamic specialist teachers and support staff. Together, inspiring our students to reach their true potential, while preparing them thoroughly for the next steps in life and help them develop a broad range of interests and skills along the way.;

The BSIS students experience an optimal balance of education with sports and extracurricular activities which is further integrated with unique education modules that promote student progression, character development, leadership and overall personality.


From the Desk of Founder; Chairman

Our school was founded because we felt that students deserved a scholastic environment that would nurture and nourish their minds, teaching them responsibility and choices, as well as factors that would help them succeed from the beginning, in the classroom and throughout their lives.

In our academic program, students are educated to fulfill seven necessities in life for holistic development like; community, career, finance, health, peace and tranquility, family.

In the near future, our children will become engineers, doctors, business leaders, and even astronauts, so it is imperative that their intellectual, social and professional dreams are nurtured and supported in excess.

As a progressive education center, BSIS aims to inspire our students to be compassionate, responsible, and successful global citizens, and to inspire them to follow the right path. As a result of imparting knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, they will become leaders in their fields of choice, taking on worldly responsibilities.

- Hyder Vali

From the Desk of Academic Director

BSIS is the result of what we've learned and experienced during our distinct careers as educationists and academicians. These experiences have been transformed into innovative educational programmes, refined methodologies, and modern teaching tools that are implemented at BSIS. 

BSIS is focused on imparting education by way of a dynamic and interactive process that is incorporated towards the foundation level, providing an environment in which children can examine and ask essential questions in an atmosphere that offers a balance between curriculum and practical applications.

With a combination of technology, multicultural perspectives, and meaningful engagements, we offer a comprehensive education programme. Our rigorous curriculum includes many modules designed to ensure children gain values, freedom, hard work, perseverance, and a sense of passion in the classroom and beyond.

- Jagdeesh R.P.

From the Desk of Principal

All of us want our children to be happy. The goal for all parents is to have their children enjoy school, achieve great things, and do well in it. BS International School is the place for all these. Academic excellence is expected, where students with bright futures are educated with their happiness at heart.

The children here get opportunities to excel on the sports field and in the swimming pool. There are many books to choose from at the library that they can immerse themselves in. As debating champions and stellar chess players, they can dominate the stage. In addition, they can share their acting and musical skills with the school and explore the field of art. The child can enjoy his or her childhood while enjoying learning.

Our school's mission is to foster a sense of discipline and moral values in a society that is constantly changing. Nowadays, children are much more intuitive; they have a very high self-esteem, and they value their own individual thinking. Therefore, we ensure that positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior is the foundation for motivating children and getting the best from them. Praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, and affection are the pillars of our educational philosophy, rather than criticism, fear, and punishment. In addition to our high disciplinary standards, we expect all of our students to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity, fortitude, and empathy.

We at BSIS see each child as a unique individual. In recognition and appreciation for this, we allow them to design their own journey with us, one that will make sure they come to school every day with a smile and enjoy every minute here.

I am confident that the BS International School will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and in keeping with the school motto: "Educating for Life."

- Ms Mildred Tauro



Every child should receive a world-class education while being prepared to be a global citizen. 


Ensure the environment encourages children at all levels and enables their all-round development through positive learning experiences while inculcating humane value systems.


Achieving our educational goals through culture and tradition.

Holistic Education

At BSIS we see education as a continuous learning process through which each of our students are nurtured, developed and enhanced. In a broader sense, education is transmission of life by the living, to the living, through living and for living. This in sum ensures holistic growth of a student based on a belief system that implements different learning processes all through pedagogy of care and love.

Holistic education of children is central tenet of BSIS which focuses on their physical, emotional, intellectual, technological and social development and well-being. This is sought to be achieved through a multitude of opportunities for students to go beyond the learning of the core academic subjects. The breadth of sports and co-curricular activities that the School offers and the regular upgrading of infrastructural facilities and resources to match those requirements; the participation of students in various competitions. All of these contributing towards the child’s well-rounded development.

At BSIS we place importance on Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Yoga and encourage Social Service. We believe in promoting experiential and exploratory methods of learning, encouraging the appreciation and practice of our school's core values, participation of students starting from the kindergarten level in the annual day drama productions, fostering digital literacy among students, exchange programmes with other schools, and leadership and entrepreneurship development opportunities, and technology in the teaching and learning processes, are some of the many efforts that go on to supplement students’ holistic development.

Presentations, role-plays, small skits, and impromptu debates go a long way in developing students’ ability to express themselves confidently and build on their knowledge and skills. Students have a variety of out-of-classroom activities and experiences such as theatre, photography, football, cricket, tennis, basketball, taekwondo, and many more. Community service helps sensitize children to the values of being compassionate and empathetic towards others' situations and needs.

HYDE Curricula

BSIS utilizes a distinctive programme called ‘Holistic Young Development Education (HYDE) Curricula’. This programme developed by eminent academicians and education professionals provides a successful methodology that focuses on preparing students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic career.

The fundamentals of the HYDE Curricula:
• Self-realization
• Developing healthy relationships
• Positive social behaviors
• Social and emotional development
• Resilience and the ability to view the beauty
• Experience transcendence and truth
• Leadership programs
• A Complete student.

The HYDE-Curricula is applied across Preschool (Montessori curriculum), Primary (4C curriculum), Mid and High School (ICC program).


Integrated Education

The integrated curriculum at BSIS is special programme that will prepare our students to excel in entrances to engineering, medical and civil streams such as IIT, NEET and UPSC. The curriculum is scientifically designed relevant preparatory materials to deliver optimum training and guidance based on IQ levels of students and transform them into achievers and place them in reputed institutions.

The Curriculum covers:
• IIT – Engineering Foundation Programme from Grade VI
• NEET - Medical Foundation Programme from Grade VII
• CIVILS Foundation Programme UPSC and competitive exams from Grade VI
• Olympiad Programme - From Grade I to IX (All major Olympiads)

We prepare our students to participate in domestic and international Olympiads. Training them with zeal and customized preparatory material. This will help them in admissions at prestigious professional institutions such as IIT’s, NIT’s etc.

The BSIS Way

• To provide a safe, secure and conducive environment in which each child can dare to dream, enjoy learning, achieve excellence and become a lifelong learner.

• To offer educational programmes that support children's academic, physical, social, emotional and moral development.

• To inculcate in children, the values of compassion, empathy and respect towards others and the environment.

• To help children develop into principled, reflective and self-directed learners.

• To encourage children to develop the qualities of self-discipline, positive self-image, teamwork, spirit of adventure and leadership.

• To make children aware and appreciative of their history, culture and traditions, whilst being open to other cultures and alternative views of the world.

• To provide learning opportunities and activities which appeal to children's multiple intelligences and which help develop in them a diversity of perspectives and skills.

• To foster international mindedness through a local and global dimension in the curriculum, as well as interactions and exchange programmes with organisations and institutions around the world.

• To provide state-of-the-art facilities, technologies and infrastructure to optimize teaching and learning outcomes.

The BSIS Difference

• Focus on children's holistic development, alongside a fine blend of academic rigour

• Celebration of Indian culture and values, while fostering international mindedness

• A child-centric and secure learning environment, with a focus on student well-being

• A committed team of student care professionals catering to children's diverse learning needs

• Emphasis on 21st-century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration

• Community service programme from Class I onwards

• Student exchange programmes and opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurship development

• Talented and experienced educators and administrators with extraordinary commitment and loyalty

• Professional development and exchange programmes to keep teachers abreast of subject knowledge and pedagogical practices

• Technology integration, making teaching and learning impactful

• Consistent track record of outstanding academic results, sports and co-curricular achievements

• Placement of students at the world's top-ranked universities