Student Support

BSIS is committed to the well-being of all students, within the school and beyond. Our school focuses on the importance of meeting the unique learning needs of every child, by providing an inclusive environment which is safe, supportive and respectful. Individualised approaches, which recognise children's learning styles and differing abilities, help them cope with academic and emotional challenges.

Student Care Services

The team works to ensure that students receive appropriate developmental assistance and coordinates with teachers to provide supportive classroom activities that relate to students’ educational and personal needs. Apart from deployment of trained Para Educators, counsellors and clinical psychologists to work with the students, the school has provisions for alternative learning materials/special equipment/technology as part of the Individualized Education Programme (IEP). They also consult with teachers and the Heads about issues and concerns involving students, as needed or as requested.

Similarly, the varied services provided include working with students in groups to facilitate their holistic development and effective adjustment in school by embedding social and emotional learning into the curriculum in addition to identifying special educational needs (SEN) using a range of psycho-educational evaluations. The department members also conduct in house Professional Development workshops with teachers to update them about recent pedagogical teaching and learning practices.

Student Counselling

BSIS equips students to explore experiential, engaging and invigorating experiences from anywhere in the world. Whichever option students decide on for their tertiary education, be it an undergraduate degree, a co-op programme, gap year or employment, the counselling department supports their every decision and journey.

Starting in grades IX & X with assessments, right through to the end of Class X when students finalize their next pathways, the Counselling Department will provide support and advice, where ever needed, to make the journey as smooth and stress free as possible.

No matter what future pathway a student chooses, the Counselling Department aims to help students begin their journey with confidence and the knowledge that a BSIS education is a strong and fundamental beginning to a world of wonderful possibilities!

Holistic Teaching and Learning

Our curriculum uses a variety of engaging teaching and learning methodologies that challenge and motivate learners to excel. It focuses on nurturing in them knowledge and skills essential for success in the 21st century.

Enquiry-based and application-oriented approaches across all subjects and age groups enable students to learn about and respect a range of ideas, independently and collaboratively with others. It helps them develop new perspectives and take responsibility for their learning.

The school provides professional development opportunities for teachers by way of participation in workshops and seminars, as well as exchange programmes with schools worldwide. Our teachers make use of flipped classrooms, project-based learning, brainstorming, role play, interactive lab experiments and self and peer evaluation, to make learning more engaging and effective.

Our Educational Programmes Help Students by:
• Develop confidence to work with information and ideas – their own and those of others
• Take responsibility for themselves and their actions and be respectful of others
• Become reflective learners and be able to identify their ongoing learning needs
• Be creative, innovative and fully equipped for future opportunities and challenges
• Be articulate, effective communicators, and express themselves appropriately
• Leverage technology in enhancing the learning experience
• Empathise with others and understand and appreciate diversity
• Develop as responsible individuals who enjoy a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle
• Be engaged citizens, contribute to the community and address global challenges

Support Programmes

Personality Development Programmes

Students are encouraged to be self-disciplined and display confidence in their skills and capabilities. The school works towards holistic development of students – focusing on their mind and body. Personality development programmes are conducted to help students build confidence and learn important skills such as problem solving, time management, etc.

Hobby Centre

The school offers a Hobby Centre for students to develop interest in varied activities. The Hobby Centre also concentrates on preparing students to participate in technical exhibitions and national level competitions.

Insurance, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Our priority at BSIS is to make the invaluable gifts of education available to students across all classes. To facilitate easy access to education amongst minorities we have initiated and made available a whole variety of financial aid options starting from merit-based scholarships to state aids and student loans and sponsorships.

Quality Improvement Programmes (QIP)

BSIS in its mission for imparting quality education is dedicated to improve teaching techniques and facilities. In addition, it lays emphasis on motivating students and teachers to perform better. To accomplish these goals, the institute has established some well-planned programmes which will help benefit students and faculty.

Classroom Management

• Course Information – Students are provided with a study guide and detailed course information on admission. This serves as a tool for time management and includes guidelines for utilizing the various facilities at the college.

• Weak Students Support Programme – The institute believes in providing all students a fair chance to excel in academics. The weak students support programme is designed to help students improve academic scores and performances through extra classes and coaching.

• Progress Report Service – At BSIS, students are motivated to perform better with a continuous system of evaluation. We also involve parents and guardians into the college community, and keep them informed about the performances of the students.


• To ensure proper conduct that befits an institution of merit is of prime importance. With strong focus on academic excellence, we discourage students from indulging in activities that would disturb or deviate from their curriculum.

• The staff at BSIS monitor the attendance graph of students to ensure that students reap the benefits of the curriculum available. And discrepancies in attendance or indulgence in activities that not congenial for a positive academic progression will be noted and parents informed accordingly.

• Ragging is strictly prohibited and not tolerated. No scope is given to the students indulging in such antisocial activities.

• Each student will be provided with a study plan and booklet on admission that will help them manage their time and resources to achieve best fit results.

• To ensure decorum every student will be issued an identity card with the signed photograph and the Principals authorization stamp. It is imperative that the students carry the ID card with them on all academic days as they will be required to produce it on demand. The ID cards will also enable student to access on campus resources like the libraries and laboratories.

Community Service

A key feature of BSIS is providing a learning experience to instill the values of caring, compassion and empathy in students. These values lie at the heart of the BSIS community service activities and equip students with the knowledge and skills to bring about positive social change. Students from Class III onwards are involved in community service. The age-appropriate service projects and activities involve planning, action, review and reflection, which create invaluable life experiences. These expose children to purposeful civic learning and to the values of democratic processes and social responsibility. Our students get opportunities to visit and take part in activities at village projects, old-age homes, orphanages and NGO schools.