Admission Category


Montessori MethodologyMin Age
Kindergarten (L1)2 Years 8 Months
Lower Kindergarten (LKG / L2)
3 years 8 Months
Upper Kindergarten (UKG / L3)
4 Years 8 Months


Montessori Methodology3 - 6 Years
Practical LifePhysical environment, courtesy, coordination, control of movement, exploration, tasks, self-discipline, concentration and self-confidence.
Intellect, sensorial materials, specific qualities, sensorial information and sense of admiration.
Using language with precision, learning by hearing and touching, reading. language activities through geography, history, art and music. 
Mathematical concepts, geography, history, art and music. 

The curriculum also integrates the key principles of the Montessori methods such as • Movement and cognition • Freedom of choice • Interest • Internal rewards • Learning from and with peers • Learning in context • Teacher-child interaction and • Order in the environment and in the mind.

Admission Category

CBSE Syllabus - Grade I - XII

CBSE Min Age
Primary School - Grades I to IV5 Years 8 Months
Middle School - Grades V to VII8 years 8 Months
High School - Grades VIII to XII14 Years 8 Months


CategoryGrade I - IV
1st LanguageEnglish
2nd LanguageHindi or Kannada
Core SubjectsMathematics, Environmental Science Drawing and Pottery and other co-curricular activities.
CategoryGrade V - XII
1st LanguageEnglish
2nd LanguageHindi/Sanskrit/French/Kannada
3rd LanguageHindi/Sanskrit/French/Kannada
Core SubjectsMathematics, Science, Social Science Internal Assessment subjects CS*, Health and PE*, Art Education, Work Experience, Life Skills, Environmental Studies, Disaster Management.

Admission Process

Our admission process is simple and easy. All you have to do fill in the form, as soon as we receive the completed form, our Admissions Team will call you within 24 hours to learn more about your child, help with supporting documents and the application fee. 

Subsequently we will have an orientation program where you will meet the principal and teachers in person to discuss the child’s potential, talent, aptitude and other factors that will ensure your child’s admission process is quick and easy.

During orientation, your child will be assessed on their grasp in English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Knowledge. We will also determine the child’s potential, aptitude, personality, intelligence, sporting skills, creative abilities and any other criterion deemed prominent by the admission panel.

Documents Required

Indian Students:
• Previous year’s academic record(s)
• Transfer certificate
• A copy of your child’s birth certificate
• 6 passport-sized photographs of your child
• A passport-sized photograph of parent/guardian
• A copy of the child’s birth certificate
Overseas Students:
• Copies of valid passport
• Letter of acceptance
• Proof of sufficient funds
• Student visa
• Health certificate
• Registration from the Indian Embassy
• Conduct certificate
• Transcripts of reports

We are open between 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday and 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM on Saturdays Programmes. We invite you join us on any of these days and discover how BSIS is the right place for your child to develop their talents and strengthen their confidence, allowing them to excel as individuals and future professionals.

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